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You are about to make Laksa, a silky orange hued coconut prawn spiced noodle soup. Claimed native by Singaporean, Malays, Thais and Indonesians, it is one of the most popular Peranakan dishes. It is also a love story where Chinese merchants and native fell in love and mix their culinary cultures.

I made this EXPERIENCE series to immerse our senses with the spotlighted food. The first series is Laksa!

MUSIC: I have made a playlist that consists of Malay, Chinese golden hits in the 60-70s, go here to listen. Put it on while you're making Laksa in the kitchen.


- Movie: Crazy Rich Asian (2018)

A movie to pretend that you are in Singapore tonight!

- Series: Street Food Asia- Singapore (Netflix)

Have you seen Street Food Asia, Singapore episode? Better watch this before you make Laksa. Guaranteed to make your mouth water!

- Movie: Ramen Shop by Eric Khoo (2018)

A foodie movie that connects Japan to Singapore, ramen to bakut teh. Definitely recommended.

MAKE: my Laksa & soya pudding recipe!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments if I am missing something.

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