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Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner + Grocery List

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Once a week, I do a ritual. I make tea and sat down with these papers for 30 mins. List up the things I want to make for the week, then fill in the grocery part. It gave me a sense of peace to start the week.

After reading around, it turns out there are a lot of benefit from keeping a meal plan + grocery list, here are some of them:

- Less food waste

No more rotten and leftover veggies, this is a great contribution to mother earth.

- Less stress in last minute cooking

No more unplanned grocery runs.

- Save money

You only get things from your grocery list and less impulse buying.

- Save time

Once a week planning so you don't have to think about it everyday.

- Prevents decision fatigue

No more late afternoon stress thinking what do we eat for dinner...

So go get my ORANGUTAN weekly planner + grocery list on the Blog main page here! Enjoy!

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