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Steamed Sweet Potato Coconut Cake

Usually you can spot these cakes in a traditional cake shop in Indonesia, piled up like gem mountains along with other colourful desserts.This soft pillowy cake is called Kue Talam, it hails from Betawi, Jakarta. Kue Talam variation is seen in greater Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and also in Myanmar. It is mostly steamed, as in the olden days, oven is not common in south east asian kitchen. And usually it has two layers, a white top and a colored bottom. The white part is taste a little salty, and the bottom part, depends on the color, taste sweet and has a mochi like texture.

Here are some of the flavor that I know:

Green: pandan

Brown: palm sugar

Yellow: corn or sweet potato

Purple: purple yam or taro

All white: savory dried shrimp

When you make them, you can use a square pan, or alternatively you can use these flower molds that I used in the picture. I like to eat them warm, a few minutes after it is done, with a cup of strong coffee :) Here is the recipe!

Good for 10-12 cake

Kue Talam Ebi Kuning

Steamed Sweet Potato Coconut Cake

Yellow Layer:

200g sweet potato さつまいも

200ml coconut milk ココナツミルク

70g sugar (reduce is sweet potato is v sweet type) 砂糖

75g tapioca flourタピオカ粉

25g rice flour 米粉

¼ tsp vanilla essence バニラエッセンス

A pinch of salt 塩

White Layer:

120ml coconut milk ココナツミルク

20g tapioca flour タピオカ粉

14g rice flour 米粉

A pinch of salt 塩

Step 1

Steam sweet potato, then put in a blender along with coconut milk and sugar.


Step 2

In a mixing bowl, mix all yellow layer ingredients. The yellow layer is ready to steam.

大きなボールにYellow Layerの材料全部入れて、混ぜます。

Step 3

Mix all white layer, and put in a ketchup bottle.

もう一つのボールにWhite Layerの材料も混ぜます。百均のソース・ドレシングボトルに入れます。

Step 4

Get the steamer ready. Tie a kitchen towel over the lid to prevent dripping of water to the cake. Brush a thin layer of oil to the cake mold.


Step 5

Add in the white layer and steam for 5 minutes.

ボトルに入ったWhite Layerを入れ、五分蒸します。

Step 6

Add in the yellow layer on top of white layer and steam further for 15 minutes.

Yellow Layerを型の8分目まで入れ、15分蒸します。

Step 7

Let it rest and cool before taking them out of the mold. I like to eat them warm.


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